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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Monster Lip Pops

Finally found 'em.

The two on the left I found at Michael's Craft Store. The two on the right I found at Target. They have quite a different look don't they? I'm guessing that's Target's special packaging. Both are made by FLIX (the same company that makes the original Lip Pops). I did notice that the Target Pops were available in Green Apple as well as the Blue Raspberry and Watermelon flavors that I've found at Michael's. I haven't seen Green Apple in any of the Michael's Lip Pops.

I don't have a photo, but I also found some Halloween Projector Pops (I talked about those here). They have a lollipop similar to a Push-Pop and in the Pop handle there is a small lighbulb that shines a selected shape. I only found Pops with a ghost projection. The ghost image is kind of cool but at short distances (say, a few inches from a surface), otherwise it just becomes a red blob.

I believe I sent the Projector Pops along with the Brainnn Candy Prize Baskets so maybe one of our contestant-friends will let us know how the Pops tasted.

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