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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big Stuff Lip Pops


Made by Flix Candy. The website says of Lip Pops, "After the candy is gone, the mouth remains as a toy"
No snickering from the adolescent boys!
Flix also makes Spooky Lip Pops with faces like a Werewolf, Alien or Monster. Many of the lip shapes are the same as the standard Lip Pops but some of the colors change to be more Monster-like.

Available in Wild Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Cooler. There are also lip-color choices of pink or red. We tried the Wild Blue Raspberry and the flavor was a decent blue raspberry; not too sour, not too sweet. The texture of the Lip Pops pop was not exactly like a Ring Pop, but similar. It was also about the same size as a Ring Pop but rounded rather than the jewel shape of Ring Pop.

This is what you'll look like when you eat a Lip Pop. Not a bad addition to that Gomer Pyle costume for Halloween.

I found tons of fun stuff on the Flix website and I hope to chance upon some projector pops. I bought my Lip Pops at my local Michael's Craft Store. They did not carry the Spooky Lip Pops or I would have brought them for show-and-tell.

Some Brainnn Candy Contest winners will receive Lip Pops.

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