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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brainnn Candy Contest -- Round 1

So, you think you're pretty smart eh, punk?

Before I begin the formalities, I'd like to say, "Thank you" to all the nice folks who signed up for this goofy ride. You make this the E-ticket of blogging. (*sniff* ahem!)

Now to the boring stuff you need to know...

In the interest of fairness and fun, I have decided to change the system for answering the questions (I just like to keep you guessing).
Do Not Post Answers in the Comments Section -- I know, I went through a lot of rigmarole trying to acquaint some of you with posting in comments, but I realized that it will be more fun to keep everyone guessing the answers until next week. This also gives those late-sleepers an equal chance at winning.
Instead, you must email me your answers. Use an email address you already have for me or if you have not already registered, you may email . Answers posted in the comments section will be disqualified.

Questions will be numbered and your answer must also have the corresponding number. Simply number each answer as such: 1. Licorice Nibs, 2. The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, 3. The Tournament of Roses Parade, etc. You may change answers later if you wish. Your last answer will be counted as final. You may email your answers until the following Sunday when the next round of questions will be posted as well as the answers from the previous round and the points tally. Each question will be followed by a point value for each correct answer. Each correct answer emailed to me will be awarded points and the person (living or dead) with the most points at the end of the contest will win the fabulous prizes described here.

Now for some really non-boring stuff you'll want to know...

We had quite a few late entries. Enough that it pushed us past the requirement to include a Third Place Prize Pack! So, here are the prize packs you'll be playing for (this does not include any candy reviews I may do before the end of the contest which will likely be thrown in for good measure later).
In The First Prize Basket: Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, sour Ear Wax Candy, and an Alien Glow Pop plus a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog [comes with a Collectible Wizard Card], Lightning Pumpkins Gummie Candy, Captain Muddy's Bug Tube and Tweezers, Mentos Sours, Bug City Candy Tarts, Skitz'o'Frantic Candy (you know you want to see how sour it really is!), Gummy Fishies, and Smarties (because you can never be too smart).
The Second Prize Basket now contains: Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, an Alien Glow Pop, Captain Muddy's Bug Tube and Tweezers, Junk Mouth Candy Spray, and Alien Drool Candy.
Third Prize Basket holds: Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, Lightning Pumpkins, H&R Block Tax-ing Mints, and War Heads Sour Candies.

We will also have one very special prize. The requirements for winning this prize will be known only to MrG and me until the end of the contest and the prize itself (if won) will be revealed at the end of the contest as well. The requirements for winning this prize are such that, they will be emailed and time-stamped from me to MrG prior to the contest so that no foul play can be called later-on.

And Finally, The Questions For Round 1

1.Young Frankenstein travels to his grandfather’s castle and is greeted by Frau Blucher. Upon retiring for the night Frau Blucher asks if Dr. Frankenstein (that’s Frunkensteen!) would like a Brandy, warm milk or... this drink. (1 point)

2.General Mills is cool because they make breakfast cereals featuring Count Chocula (a chocolatey Dracula), Frankenberry (a strawberry Frankenstein), and Boo Berry (a blueberry ghost). Name the cereal that General Mills once made that featured a Werewolf as the box icon. (1 point)

3.Mystery Science Theater 3000, a cult television comedy series featuring a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a satellite in space and forced to watch particularly bad movies, especially (but not limited to) the science fiction genre. The gimmick of the show is that the man and his robots make a running commentary on the film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking their way through the film. Name both of the men who hosted the show at different times during its 11-year series run. (2 points)

4.In Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Cary Grants’ character is forced to stay at work all night in an attempt to write an advertising slogan for what food? (2 points)

5.Which ice cream company’s website includes a page dedicated to ice cream flavors that were not popular sellers called, The Flavor Graveyard? (1 point)

6.This flowering plant smells of rotting flesh to attract flies which pollenate it. (1 point)

7.William Shatner stars as Marc, a soldier of pure heart who has just returned home injured from the war. He becomes the target of Kia, a beautiful female demon, who has become bored with taking the lives of corrupt men. Kia sets out to seduce Marc, but ends up falling in love, angering her sister demon and forcing her to summon the master demon to wreak revenge. Name this movie, the only film shot entirely in the artificial language of Esperanto. (This is a toughie, we'll award 3 points for this)

Now, you know what to do, Dog... Bust a Move!
Email your answers anytime through next Sunday, 9/17 when answers will be revealed and points tallied.

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Karan said...

I forgot to ask and didn't see the answer...but are you permitting googling?

Grommie said...

Googling is permitted.

Karan said...

Great...because there's one my noodling head can't get a hold on....Thanks!