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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Junk Mouth Candy Spray

Spray and Stay Tongue Stainer

Made by the same company as Skitz-o-Frantic. Available in Blue (Sour Cankerberry) and Green (Watermelon Wasteland). It had virtually no scent inside the bottle. We tried the Watermelon Wasteland and it was nearly the same flavor as Skitz-o-Frantic Apple, slightly sweeter (thank goodness!) and more liquid-y.

The more you spray, the more it stains the tongue but I wouldn't be particularly worried about staining with this. CheesePuff had 4 or 5 sprays (she didn't want any more after that) with almost no tongue staining. I had slightly more staining with 8-10 spays and the staining didn't remain more than a couple of minutes.

Like Skitz-o-Frantic, this is a good novelty candy and I would be more likely to buy Junk Mouth than Skitz-o-Frantic because I preferred the less-sour spray. Despite what the cartoon on the bottle shows, it left no bad breath.

Winners of the
Brainnn Candy Contest might find Junk Mouth in their prize pack.

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