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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alien Drool Sour Liquid Candy

Sour liquid candy with an eye-dropper style dispenser. Varieties available are Red or Green with no mention on the label what flavors these colors might offer. We tried Red which had a scent I would describe as cherry-ish. The flavor was sort of a cherry or strawberry.

The label warns
DRIP ONLY in your mouth, or back in alien's nose..
Not the best design for sharing, it could be messy with kids.

This candy was not as haltingly sour as
Skitz-O-Frantic. Both are made by Generation Foods. Generation Foods' website is interesting only in that it shows more of their candies available. There are no games or downloads.
Our Bunny readers might find
this interesting.

Some Brainnn Candy Contest winners may find this in their prize pack.

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