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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brainnn Candy Contest -- Round 4???

I have had a wonderful time with this contest, compiling the questions and crossing my fingers that my clues would not make Googling those answers too easy. When I dreamed up this contest I had no idea how difficult you all would make it for me.

Currently, we have one contestant who has been with us all along and suddenly has not submitted answers. I'd like to just stall a little longer with the answers to Round 3 to give that last contestant a chance to get those answers in.

In the mean time, let me explain the title of this post. We have two contestants tied at First Place and two contestants tied at Second Place. Since I only have 3 Prize Baskets, we'll need to have a tie-breaking round. Jademage and Food B*tch are tied at 31 points each after Round 3. Hauntedwoods and Kadavar are tied at 28 points after Round 3. I will be posting questions to be answered by those four contestants only. Jademage and Food B*tch will receive one set of questions. The higher-score between those two will receive the First Place Prize Basket. The lower score between those two will receive the Second Place Prize Basket.

Hauntedwoods and Kadavar will receive a separate set of questions. The higher score between those two will receive the Third Place Prize Basket. Now, be prepared you four. These will be obscure questions that will most likely be guessing unless you read my blog and can recall tidbits of my personal life that have shown up here.

Each question will be worth one point.
Email me your answers at
I will post scores as your emails come in (in pairs). Changing answers will not be allowed. You get one shot. Answers posted in the comments section will be disqualified.
Here we go. Hopefully we can hash this out in one final round so we won't need to do this again.

For Jademage and Food B*tch

1. Who is MrG.?
2. Who waits with CheesePuff while my cupcakes bake?
3. In which of the United States did I grow up?
4. Guess the dollar amount, without going over, that I recently spent on gross candy at Oriental Trading Co.(closest dollar amount wins).
5. Since I don't get many Trick-or-Treaters, what will I be doing with all the gross candy from Oriental Trading that I can't possibly eat? Be specific.

For Hauntedwoods and Kadavar

1. Who is CheesePuff?
2. What is the name of the pinball machine in my basement that CheesePuff is playing in one blog photo?
3. Which Brainnn Candy contestant is my mother?
4. Which other Brainnn Candy contestant is a blood relation to me?
5. There are two other Brainnn Candy Contestants that I have met in person. Name one of them.

Good Luck one more time!


JadeMage said...

Well, if we're tied for first with 31 points, that must mean we got all the questions right!!!

Whoo pays to be a former wizard...

Grommie said...

Yes Jade, please go to the head of the class.

Well done, congratulations and now I'll eat your brain. :D