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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Chef Ghoulicious Pantry of Candy

One pantry item I forgot to get a photo of is Chef Ghoulicious Can of Worms: Squirmallicious Gummy Earthworms. These are similar to other gummy worms that I'm sure you have seen around. Ghoulicious worms have a tangy crystal sugar coating similar to that of Sour Patch Kids, but not as sour. The taste and texture of Ghoulicious Worms have a sort of foamy quality that remind me more of Marshmallow Peeps than other gummy worms. Eat Me Orange worms are orange flavor; Water Wiggler light pink worms, watermelon (tasted like strawberry to me); Very Scary Cherry dark pink worms, cherry flavor and chewier than other varieties. Overall, quite tasty.

Box of Boogers Tangy gummy Boogies that look & feel real!
Similar texture to the Gummy Earthworms. These are quite large and if they "look real" I'm afraid of their owner! Snottermelon dark green boogies are watermelon flavor; Sour Green Boogy light green boogies, green apple; Lemon Loogy yellow boogies, lemon-lime (these were the most tangy of the flavors and I liked them best). mmmm... Boogies!

AbbieNormal Bag of Brains Abnormally Large Gummy Brain! 'Candy That Tastes Smart' Similar again to Marshmallow Peeps without the sugar coating this time. These are about the size of a fist. Frontal Lobe Berry is blue raspberry; Water on the Brain is watermelon. The scents of these are very appealing and they have very strong fruit flavors.

These are made again by
FLIX candy, the makers of Lip Pops and Projector Pops.

I would like to thank Kadavar of our
Brainnn Candy Contest for sending me some of these items as well as other items I'll be reviewing soon.

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