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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ritz Crackers Mock Apple Pie

For some time I have been planning to post this recipe but it slipped my mind until now. MrG talked about on numerous occasions because he recalled seeing it on the back of the box of Ritz Crackers for years. He says, "When Chuck Yeager hit Mach One, Ritz Crackers achieved Mock Apple Pie."

It's something you just have to see to believe.

Mock Apple Pie

It looks like Apple Pie. I'll bet it even smells like Apple Pie with the addition of cinnamon. But there's no apples in Mock Apple Pie. The apples mock us in our stupidity from the produce drawer of the fridge. Yummy, tasty, juicy apples. Were apples truly that hard to come by in the 1960's that Ritz had to come up with an alternative for dessert?

Sadly, Mock Apple Pie is not Gluten-Free so I'm afraid all I can do is dream about this treat. *commence with the snickering*

Friday, November 21, 2008

Axl Gets The Doctor

If you missed Yahoo News (don't worry, I space it off most of the time too) you'll be glad Mr.G was paying attention.

This Sunday, November 23 2008, log on to Dr. Pepper's Website to receive a coupon for a free soda.

My suggestion is to log on early before the website overloads and crashes. I'll be able to get a good jump on the competition for soda since my Thanksgiving flight to Florida leaves prior to the buttcrack of dawn.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Swap

Salt Caramels

When I received an invitation to join a Sweet Swap hosted by Liz at What's to Eat Baltimore I was excited.

Then I recalled the horror story conveyed to me years ago when an aquaintence told me the story of the Cookie Swap she had recently attended. She told of a party of women bickering around a table of treats when one woman didn't receive her 'fair amount' of cookies. Someone else had received more than her and she was having none of it! An exaggeration by the story-teller? Maybe, but the story did make me wonder if this Swap was going to be a good idea.

Liz was a brave brave woman to invite a bunch of relative strangers to her home and I let her know I thought so in an email. But she seemed undaunted and I think that put me a little more at ease.

I had quite a long drive to Liz's place - over an hour according to my mapped directions. I gave myself plenty of time to get there (because I always seem to get lost whenever I have to drive further than around the corner) and I didn't get lost once! Which meant I arrived early.

The drive was really lovely and it amazes me that all that countryside is just beyond Baltimore. Just prior to the turn-off, there were gorgeous cattle in the field and surrounding the house were acres of corn.

I got to meet two other area bloggers, Katie at CupcakeRN and Courtney at The Practical Gourmet, each of whom brought a friend, and a few members of Liz's family. Everyone was really great and no one fought over the treats though there was an amount of fun treat-stealing while the swap was happening. I picked up some great recipes that I may try to convert to gluten-free very soon since my Baking Jones is almost out of control now that autumn is here.

The Salt Caramels were a good choice since no one else brought candy. They are Gluten-free. I also brought the makings of Sugar Cookie Martinis, which were really wonderful (and Gluten-free, yay!), if unphotogenic (they look like milk in a martini glass... I know you can imagine that).

To make Sugar Cookie Martinis I mixed Vanilla Vodka, Rum (I used sugar cane rum), Butterscotch Schnapps,and Licor 43 with half & half in a shaker of ice. They were really delicious. I don't have amounts of each liquor to give. A friend had one at a bar, conveyed the ingredients to me and I mixed and taste-tested to get the amounts correct.

I have to say Thanks again to Liz, her family, and the other bloggers and guests at the Sweet Swap. You made the experience really wonderful and not at all scary!