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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ritz Crackers Mock Apple Pie

For some time I have been planning to post this recipe but it slipped my mind until now. MrG talked about on numerous occasions because he recalled seeing it on the back of the box of Ritz Crackers for years. He says, "When Chuck Yeager hit Mach One, Ritz Crackers achieved Mock Apple Pie."

It's something you just have to see to believe.

Mock Apple Pie

It looks like Apple Pie. I'll bet it even smells like Apple Pie with the addition of cinnamon. But there's no apples in Mock Apple Pie. The apples mock us in our stupidity from the produce drawer of the fridge. Yummy, tasty, juicy apples. Were apples truly that hard to come by in the 1960's that Ritz had to come up with an alternative for dessert?

Sadly, Mock Apple Pie is not Gluten-Free so I'm afraid all I can do is dream about this treat. *commence with the snickering*


Robyn said...

oh yeah snickering for sure! No way I think I'll ever try this one. Still it is one for the record books. I guess I shouldn't really laugh, you never know when you'll need a fake apple pie that tastes like the real thing.

Anonymous said...

My daughter made this pie as an extra credit assignment for history class. The idea behind the lesson was to make foods that resembled familiar foods using the ingredients you had available. Think of recipes that would have been developed by the "pioneers" traveling west, who didn't have access to a regular supply of fresh ingredients. Although the finished product doesn't taste a whole lot like apple pie the filling does have the consistency of apple compote and is even a little tart like apples. The pie tastes more like a mild lemon pie (due to the amount of lemon juice and rind called for in the recipe). Altogether it was a yummy pie. Try it!!

happy zombie said...

Zombies... cheese... sewing... quilting... Are we related?!?!