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Monday, October 29, 2007

Girl Scouts Cupcakes

Apple Dancers Cupcake
Originally uploaded by Grommie CheeseBabe

The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland called me a few months back and asked if I would be interested in creating a dessert using Girl Scout Cookies for a Green Carpet (similar to a Red Carpet in Hollywood, but with Girl Scouts it's all green green green) Event. Of course I was excited to help out the Girl Scouts and as for creating something new?... of course that would be fun for me! They told me that they would send me boxes of Girl Scout cookies to test with and more information later. Cool! I thought.

Then I began to receive information about the Green Carpet Event (it wasn't something I was familiar with previously) and I find out that the event is for 400 people. Uh... ok... I'm thinking maybe they have Pastry Chefs from all over the area participating and I'll only have to send in a few dozen of whatever dessert I decide upon.

Oh no.

No, they need me to supply an entire 400 individual servings so that each person will be able to taste every dessert if they want. Not only that but I also need to have decorations to go along with their theme of 'Hollywood Glamor'.

After much planning, testing and cookie tasting, I came up with the loveliest apple and peanut butter cupcakes you could possibly imagine. Costly? For a large event as this, yes, but I am one who subscribes to the thought that when you use the highest quality ingredients, you're going to acheive the highest quality product. The cupcakes that I served to those Green Carpet guests will not soon be forgotten.

I was told during the event that my cupcakes were definitely the highlight. I hope that's true for many of the folks in attendance and I hope this cupcake is the start of my next career move (if any!).

Recipes to follow