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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brainnn Candy Contest

Help me break-in my new format by joining me and a few zombies as we host a Trivia Contest!

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006 I'll be posting trivia questions about food, candy, horror, movies... (whatever I can come up with, really) to try and stump you (get it, zombie... stump...?) ahem, I'll do my best not to keep that up. You can answer the questions via comments and the first person to correctly answer each question will receive points (I haven't figured out all the details yet but I'll be as official and fair as possible). The person with the most points at the end of the contest will win an actual prize!

I will ask additional questions on Sunday, Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, 2006 and you may attempt to answer questions until the end of the contest on Saturday, Sept. 30, when winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded.

In order to receive your prize(s) you must register for the contest. Email me fabulous_cheesebabe[at]yahoo[dot]com with "Brainnn Candy Contest" as your subject line and let me know what name you will be playing (commenting) under. No need to give me all your snail-mail details now, I'll just need that if you win. You may register at any time before the end of the contest but, the more people who register early, the bigger and better the prizes get. So, if I only get 5 folks who register before the trivia begins, we'll have one First Prize winner. 10 folks who register before the trivia begins will ramp up to one First Prize and one Second Prize winner. 15 early registrations will result in one First Prize winner, one Second Prize Winner and one Third Prize winner. More early registrations means better prizes too, so tell your friends to register early. One registration per email address, okay? Let's not get greedy here... it's mostly about the fun.

Mr.G has agreed to be the impartial judge so if I screw up a question or there is some debate over validity, he'll give the final call. This contest will be open to everyone except Mr.G, who will probably help me select a few questions.

So what kind of prizes are you playing for? The First Prize Basket begins with Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, sour Ear Wax Candy, and an Alien Glow Pop (you see the Zombie at the top holding one). More to be (hopefully!) added soon but that's all up to you folks.

Once again, email me fabulous_cheesebabe[at]yahoo[dot]com with a subject line of Brainnn Candy Contest and don't forget the underscore (_) between fabulous and cheesebabe. Just include the ID you'll be using in the comments section so I can accurately award points as the trivving begins.

Update 9/3 - We now have enough registrants to allow First Prize and Second Prize! The First Prize Basket now holds:Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, sour Ear Wax Candy, and an Alien Glow Pop plus a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog [comes with a Collectible Wizard Card], Lightning Pumpkins Gummie Candy, and Captain Muddy's Bug Tube and Tweezers.
The Second Prize Basket now contains: :Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters, a Bug Factor Lollipop, and an Alien Glow Pop.

Welcome Back -- or, See How I'm Wrapping Up My Summer

Dear people, I suppose you're tired by now of my excuses for not blogging often and telling of all my food adventures. The truth is, I've been hoarding my food adventures. Awful of me, I know. But I have begun to realize that my attention just can't be held by hundreds of photos of beautiful food creation processes. I want to see the mess, the slop and the yuck of food. (Don't worry, I won't be making any trips to chicken-processing plants!)

Other than food, one of my greatest pleasures is Halloween and I think I should try to incorporate my love of food and Halloween for more than one month of the year. That means many of my upcoming food tales will be about fun and yucky food or candy.

In the mean time, see why I've been so busy?

Our old house was insulated by injecting foam through holes drilled in the siding.

Then we got it painted (no, it's not finished yet). The neighbors HATE the new color. Luckily, they haven't turned into an angry mob about it yet. Maybe they're all still away on vacation. Don't mind all those weeds, it's been too hot to do anything about that.

Even CheesePuff is helping out.

Then there's this. Do you know what this is? This is my sad sad kitchen without a stove. Our old stove was struck by lightning and the new stove... well gee, um, SOMEbody (me) measured wrong and the new stove didn't fit. But the installers tried to make it fit and shattered the entire top. This all occurred during prime jamming time so no jam has been made. My freezer is full to the gills with fruit waiting to be made into jam. (Once the second new stove got here, the A/C broke so I didn't even dare try to test it out!)

Now that school is back on and the weather is beginning to cool off and the A/C is fixed... well, let's just say I have a long list of catch-ups. Blogging included.

Y'all come back now, 'hear?