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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jolly Rancher -- Frutas Enchiladas

My Spanish is a little rusty... Fruit Enchiladas?

Tamarind, Lime and Mango flavor lollipops with a Spanish flair.

I bought these pops at my local Big Lots store in a Halloween multi-pack. I have seen Tamarind mentioned many times as a Hispanic sweet flavor and without reading the package carefully, I tossed a big bag of these babies in my cart. I figured I would give the Tamarind a try and if I didn't like it, there was always Lime or Mango flavors left to soothe my sweet tooth.

When I tasted the Tamarind pop, I was under the impression that the Tamarind itself was what made this pop spicy. After a big spicy surprise with the Lime pop, I read the ingredients list and each of the pops has chili powder.

Don't think I'm cruel here, but I let CheesePuff taste the Mango pop, because she is my taster-helper. Her reaction, "They ruined a perfectly good candy with chili powder!" That was pretty much my sentiments about these pops.

The Tamarindo flavor pop has a spicy, musky scent and a sweet, tangy and spicy flavor that I thought was really bizarre at first but it grew on me a little even though it was too spicy for me to finish.

Lime flavor was a really real Lime flavor, not "American" Lime candy flavor. Very enjoyable in a different kind of way.

Mango flavor pop has a slight of Mango aroma. I wouldn't say this has a true Mango flavor but it was still very good.

I can't imagine choosing these as a treat but they were fun to try anyway. Perhaps if I were hosting a Spanish-theme party, these would be a fun addition to a gift pack.

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Mr. Naive Milkshake said...

Where did you get these?

Nice post.