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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fear Factor Candy

Let's begin this disgusting romp through the candy world of Reality TV with the Sour Cherry Chuck Bucket. The package describes these as, "Gummy Coagulated Balls in Candy Blood Ooze" and warns, Proceed at Your Own Risk.

The little bucket contains two small packets; one contains the Coagulated Balls, the other bag contains the cherry Ooze. The package doesn't explain how these are to be combined but maybe the balls are to be placed in the bucket then the blood ooze is to be poured over them then given to your unsuspecting little sibling or nerdy neighbor to play your own version of Fear Factor at home.

The cherry Ooze was somewhat boring, barely any cherry flavor and was sort of oily in taste and texture. The Balls are very cherry-ish scented gummies. CheesePuff thought these were really good. I thought they had a stronger cherry flavor than the Ooze but still not all that great.

Test Tube Acid Bath is a gummy shape suspended in sour liquid candy. Sour Cherry flavor has a large gummy worm and Sour Blue Raspberry has a gummy shark. The gummies were not particularly gummy, I suppose they were beginning to dissolve a bit in the liquid. The liquid itself is tasty, sort of a refreshing sourness in the flavors described.

Here you can see a better photo of the
Gross-out Gummy Platters. I've been eating candy for a long long time and I have eaten candies that I thought were not as tasty as I'd hoped they would be but those were no comparison to these platters.
The flavors available are:
Gummy Spaghetti: slimy candy worms with candy coagulated blood balls (flavors are lemon, lime and tropical fruit)
Gummy Breakfast: candy liquified liver, protein shake, duck egg and silk worm cereal (flavors are sour grape, strawberry, butter and chocolate)
Gummy Pig-out Platter: mmmm... pig parts (flavors are bacon and other amazing flavors)
I tasted the Gummy Pizza: crunchy candy fish eyes, worms and stinky cheese (flavors are cheddar cheese, lime, tomato and spicy pepperoni). I thought they were kidding about the stinky cheese but my taste buds told me otherwise. The candy chemists did their job well and I could not finish this candy. Cheesepuff took one sniff of it and ran away! I can't imagine what the other flavor combinations are like. The only all-fruit flavor looks like the Gummy Spaghetti and after tasting the Gummy Pizza, even the fruits have me a little leery of tasting any more of this candy.

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