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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Battle of the Bugs -- Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters vs. Oriental Trading Crunchy Candy Bugs

Oriental Trading Realistic Crunchy Candy Bugs come in two varieties as shown in the photo. These have a really great fruity aroma. The gummy body is tangy but not sour. I couldn't pick any specific fruit flavor, I would just describe it as fruit. The candy shell is slightly softer than a Necco Wafer but with approximately the same texture. The shell had a slight chemical taste, I presume from the food coloring used.

Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters have two in each package. These have a sweet aroma, more like sugar than fruit. The gummy body was sweet and tangy but not particularly fruity. The Roach wing covers have the same texture as O.T. Bugs with less chemical taste. HP Roaches did leave a brown smudge in the bottom of the package tray which added to the gross-out factor.

Severed thumbs up for both of these.

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Karan said...

Hey! I've got some of those! I keep poking at them through the cellophane....maybe I'll share them with the kids...

coof said...