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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brainnn Candy Contest -- Round 2

You have done well, Grasshopper.

Congratulations to all our players! I thought this was going to be a tough round and it was for some (we had two contestants drop out) but others are driven by the want for weird candy.

I apologize for not having any additional candy reviews this week to add to the prize packs but it's been the week from hell around here and I foresee next week will turn out much the same. It's Girl Scout Cookie time, you know!

The Questions and Answers from Round 1
Young Frankenstein travels to his grandfather’s castle and is greeted by Frau Blucher. Upon retiring for the night Frau Blucher asks if Dr. Frankenstein (that’s Frunkensteen!) would like a Brandy, warm milk or... this drink. (1 point)
Answer: Ovaltine

2.General Mills is cool because they make breakfast cereals featuring Count Chocula (a chocolatey Dracula), Frankenberry (a strawberry Frankenstein), and Boo Berry (a blueberry ghost). Name the cereal that General Mills once made that featured a Werewolf as the box icon. (1 point)
Answer: Fruit Brute

3.Mystery Science Theater 3000, a cult television comedy series featuring a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a satellite in space and forced to watch particularly bad movies, especially (but not limited to) the science fiction genre. The gimmick of the show is that the man and his robots make a running commentary on the film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking their way through the film. Name both of the men who hosted the show at different times during its 11-year series run. (2 points)
Answers: Joel Hodgson (played by Joel Robinson) and Mike Nelson (played by Michael J. Nelson)

4.In Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Cary Grants’ character is forced to stay at work all night in an attempt to write an advertising slogan for what food? (2 points)
Answer: Wham! Ham (If you ain't eatin' Wham!, you ain't eatin' ham!)

5.Which ice cream company’s website includes a page dedicated to ice cream flavors that were not popular sellers called, The Flavor Graveyard? (1 point)
Answer: Ben & Jerry's

6.This flowering plant smells of rotting flesh to attract flies which pollenate it. (1 point)

Answer: I was looking for voodoo lily(Amorphophallus bulbifer). Jademage clued me in that there were other flowers that smelled of rotting flesh as well (aren't we lucky to have such variety of carrion flowers???) but I will only accept flowers that smelled of dead things AND were pollenated by flies. Those are: Stinking Corpse Lily, Dragon Arum, Skunk Cabbage (MrG's favorite, btw), Dead Horse Arum and Putrid Flowers of the Indian Almond. I will not accept Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus Titanium, or Titan) because it is pollenated by carrion beetles and not flies (despite what some websites might suggest).

7.William Shatner stars as Marc, a soldier of pure heart who has just returned home injured from the war. He becomes the target of Kia, a beautiful female demon, who has become bored with taking the lives of corrupt men. Kia sets out to seduce Marc, but ends up falling in love, angering her sister demon and forcing her to summon the master demon to wreak revenge. Name this movie, the only film shot entirely in the artificial language of Esperanto. (This is a toughie, we'll award 3 points for this)
Answer: Incubus (hey, *I* thought it was tough but most everyone got this one)

Round 1 had a total possible score of 11 points. Here are the scores for this round, in no particular order:

JadeMage -- 11 points
mbabes -- 9 points
Miss Lapin -- 10 points
Taulah Bankhead -- 7 points
Coof -- 9 points
Food B*tch -- 11 points
Kadavar -- 10 points
Hauntedwoods/Adam -- 10 points
Rabbitch -- 11 points
AJTossie -- 0 points, but still in the running!

Get ready for Round 2

1. Just as every Elvis fan longs to visit Graceland, SPAM fans worldwide now have their own pilgrimage to make. Name the place to visit the 16,500 square-foot Spam Museum (whew! That’s a lotta Spam). (1 point)

2. Barrett Hansen has spent the last 30 years introducing us to songs like, “Dead Puppies”, “Shaving Cream” and “Fish Heads”. By what moniker do we typically know Barrett? (1 point)

3. Dear old Dad. His wife was hacked to death in one film, and drugged and abducted in another. One daughter was one of the few not hacked to death in one classic film, and screamed her way through several other slasher flicks. Another daughter began as a model in Kotex ads. His photo was used on the cover of the Beatles Sgt Pepper album. In an early featured role he uttered the memorable line “Yonda lies da palace of my fadda da Caliph”. He is also quoted as saying, “The secret to a long and happy life? Young women’s saliva!” In keeping with the food theme, he is referred to by a would-be male lover as a snail (edible) in a classic movie. Who is this gift to food and horror movies? (2 points)

4. Jack The Ripper has appeared in a number of films, but only one rated 4-star. Name this silent-film classic. (2 points)

5. Speaking of Jack the Ripper, one of the worst rock singers of all time put out an album called “Hands of Jack The Ripper”. He was so bad that appearances by musicians, Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Moon and Noel Redding couldn’t salvage even mediocrity for this deadly album. Who is this artist? (1 point)

6. This fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and its formidable thorn-covered husk. Its flavor could be described as a rich custard highly flavored with almonds, but there are occasional wafts of flavor that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. And its odor best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away. Despite its great local popularity, the raw fruit is forbidden from some establishments such as hotels, subways and airports, including public transportation in Southeast Asia. (1 point)

7. One of the scariest movies of all time spawned one of the worst sequals of all time. In it, Richard Burton belches out the oh-so meaningful line, “Kokumu, help me find Pazuzu.” (This film is just one of many to contribute to Burton’s receipt of a Golden Turkey Award for Lifetime Acheivement of Bad Acting.) That’s not descriptive enough? Okay, check out this [edited] description I found on IMDb: Please tell me that I didn't see James Earl Jones in a big locust suit. Why is Africa made of fiber-glass? Why is Richard Burton made of stone? Oh, God. They couldn't have made this worse if they had scripted it so. Oh, wait...they did. Well, for all its faults at least it's not a desperate attempt by a major studio to milk whatever money they can out of a pre-existing hit by combining a-list actors, and a controversial visualist director, with a hastily prepared screenplay that shares little of the spirit and intelligence of its predecessor, producing a boring, although often laughably pious bastardization of something far, far greater. Oh is. If you're a fan of bad movies, you have reached Zen here. If you're a fan of the original, run, just run and don't look back. Run with your arms flailing into the night as the preview audiences surely did in 1977. (1 point)

Do Not Post Answers in the Comments Section -- You must email me your answers. Use an email address you already have for me or if you have not already registered, you may email . Answers posted in the comments section will be disqualified.

Questions are numbered and your answer must also have the corresponding number. Simply number each answer as such: 1. Licorice Nibs, 2. The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, 3. The Tournament of Roses Parade, etc. You may change answers later if you wish. You may Google answers but as some contestants found out, some websites contain incorrect information, so be careful! Your last answer will be counted as final. You may email your answers until the following Sunday when the next round of questions will be posted as well as the answers from the previous round and the points tally. Each question will be followed by a point value for each correct answer. Each correct answer emailed to me will be awarded points and the person (living or dead) with the most points at the end of the contest will win the fabulous prizes described here.

You may now commence with the Googling.

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JadeMage said...

Has anyone tried these ones yet?

I wanted to order them last Halloween, but they were sold out by October 1. So I ordered some early this year....

Grommie said...

I haven't tried them yet but I ordered some and hopefully they won't be sold out yet.

Thanks Jademage!

Bad Bunni said...

Oh I love oriental trading. I am about to put in my order. Oh the damage to the plastic, but well well worth it.

Can I just say how embarassed I am I didn't guess skunk cabbage instead of corpse flower? Damn, hopefully I shall do better on the next round.

JadeMage said...

Eh, don't feel bad. I should have chosen Skunk Cabbage, it's actually a native plant around my part of the world. I almost picked Corpse Flower too, but opted for Lily because Lilies are favorite for funerals....