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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ask a Pastry Chef

Like many bloggers, I have set up a system to track what draws new people to my site. Search engines and other blogs draw lots of unique visitors. Of course, many of you who visit regularly are quite unique, yourselves... you know who you are. Many people land at my site because they are searching for a particular recipe or list of ingredients without knowing the recipe name. Now, I'm not html savvy enough to figure out how to put up one of those searchable recipe databases that some bloggers have on their site. So I'll do the next best thing...

I'll just ask you.
Are you searching for a particular recipe? Or perhaps you want to know a technique like say, how to get the most volume from whipped cream.

Go ahead, ask me, I can take it.

I may not have the answer right at the tip of my tongue but I have many resources including other pastry chefs (those who actually went to culinary school) at my disposal to ask if the need arises.

I'll hook up one of those funky sidebar things so searchers can ask a question without having to do a lot of additional searching within the site. We'll see how creative I can get without much sweating and cursing.

P.S. IF I get a lot of rude or indescent emails, I'll have to send MrG on a road trip to find you and wash your mouth out with LifeBuoy.


chronicler said...

Great idea! My sis keeps saying I need to do something like this. She doesn't know I'd have to access your site before I could answer most of the questions! Go for it!

Anonymous said...


I came across an Italian pastry
whose name meant "lobster tail".
It looked more like a clam shell
with its grooves winding around and
around from a apex, spreading
outward. The texture was crisp,
fried not baked. The filling
was ricotta flavored with orange
peel and citron chunks. Slightly
sweetened. Do you know anything about it?