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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On The Edge

I have slept 9 of the last 70 hours and I'm antsy. More antsy than my kid who has been bored and virtually alone for two days of the 5-day Thanksgiving week off from school.

My house is cleaned (as much as my house gets clean), my dishes are done... except the ones that are cooking on the stove as I type. Am I preparing for a Thanksgiving banquet? No. Am I famished after a long day in the bakery? No. I miss the kitchen.

It's a sickness, I know.

I miss the excitement of the chefs yelling caliente and racing past with full steamer pans on their way into the catering kitchen from the line. There is a certain something possessed by anyone who chooses to work in a kitchen. Something that makes each one of us love that push; the rush. Not a rush of adrenaline (although one of you might tell me that's part of it) but a rush of pushing the food out as quickly as it is made to the waiting hands of a customer and crossing fingers in hopes they are satisfied.

I miss seeing how my new boss deals so gracefully with the pressure of the bakery's busiest days of the year. A few people have asked me if Christmas party season isn't busier than Thanksgiving and it is, but the number of orders is spread out over a longer period of time so there isn't the same concentrated blast of pressure that we have this week.

I also feel a little guilty for not being able to help Sara* more. Not only to help her with the monstrous workload, but to divert the attention of the worst of the raving lunatics in the bakery from casting an evil eye and wicked hot breath in her direction.

I worked at 3 this morning (despite being delayed a full 40 minutes due to a traffic accident which caused me to find a new route to work). I plan to go back to bakeryland as soon as MrG comes home from work. I will be there all night but then I'll get my rest at some point tomorrow before baking my own pumpkin pie. And I will be happy and exhausted and satisfied at doing a fine load of baking.

Photos of the craziness to follow soon.

*Names changed to protect the innocent and my hiney.

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Anonymous said...

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