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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Over The Edge with Thanksgiving Photos

Over the edge of the bed, that is. And back from feeling somewhat like a dead fish.

Tomorrow I'm giving thanks for my bed and for that dear young woman, Sara* who worked way more than she should have been expected to. When I left the second time, she had been at work for 24 hours straight. We were basically done at that point and only one wedding cake remained to be decorated. You'll be relieved to know she has the next 4 days off... quite uncommon for our industry but well deserved, I must say.

I know you're excited to see the photos, so let's get to it.

The turkeys lined up in the catering kitchen and ready to be seasoned before going in the ovens.
In the foreground are pumpkin muffins baked for a big day of salad sales in the cafe'. Rather than a roll or breadstick, we serve a pumpkin muffin with each meal salad. Pumpkin muffins are also popular as a side item with catered meals.

The Cakes.
Well, a few of them anyway. We had them stashed into every cranny we could find. Hope caterers found them too!
On a typical weekend day we have orders for ten to twenty decorated cakes and five frozen pies (chocolate mousse, key lime, etc.) or cheesecakes. For Thanksgiving we did... *drumroll*
90 decorated cakes
167 pies and cheesecakes

We had only a few dozen specialty breads, which I thought was odd. I didn't count the number of pumpkin muffins but it also was rather low for a big holiday, probably somewhere in the range of 20 dozen.

The hardworking bakery after a long night... not too filthy but don't ask me how that happened.
The clock on the wall says 5:00. That's a.m. Finished early. I think it was a miracle.

Besides sleep, what do I use to recover from a long night in the bakery?
  • tomato soup
  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • Sobe Energy drink
  • Allegra allergy meds.

  • And that's all I need.

    Later tonight I'll be baking my own pumpkin pie and my own invention: noodle pie. I'll be posting photos and recipe soon.

    *Names changed to protect the innocent and my hiney.


    mama do-little said...


    chronicler said...

    Ahhhhhhhh. I love it Grommie! Thank you for sharing. The energy you guys expelled must have been incredible. I give you a well deserved round of applause! I know you'll say it's all in a days, a holidays, work but wow! Thank you for sharing!

    Grommie said...

    I'm relieved it's over but... here it comes again. Monday, 12/5 we have an order for 150 cakes!! Egads, I think I'll be out sick that day.

    Grommie said...

    Update: The 150-cake order fell through. I'm sad that I don't get to push myself to the breaking point again but relieved, mostly.