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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We Love To Hate -- Rachael Ray

Seems it's easy for many to hate Rachael Ray. But why? She's cute (I know I don't look that good at 37), she's sweet, she seems like a genuine person. The former high school cheerleader has followers on both sides of the fence. Her cutesy-pie catchphrases - sammies for sandwiches, stoups for soups that are as thick as stew - are so grating on certain people that they inspired a drinking game in which players take a sip when she uses one. If she creates a new and completely unnecessary abbreviation, they have to swallow the whole drink.
"This is awesome," she said as she looked over the list for the first time last week. "But man, people are going to get hammered."
She told the New York Times.

I love the quotes found at Too Many Chefs:
I have to change the channel when Rachel Ray and her joker smile comes on the screen. I get so distracted by her annoying presence that I lose interest in her recipe and her show! Her fake laughs, wannabe cool lingo (i.e., e.v.o.o., yummo, the g.b.), and her hand and arms gestures for every syllable that comes out of her mouth, by emi
ninnyjane says, I also find her soooooooo damn annoying yet some sickness in me just won't let me change the channel.

chance disagrees, I love Rachael Ray! I don't care what anyone says-it's all jealousy-and she is just so fun to watch. The people that turn up their noses at her act as though they eat pansy a** gourmet meals off a silver platter each day.
Cord N Bloo expresses what many (men in particular) feel toward Rachael, I want to marinate her little rump roast and baste her tenderloins! What red blooded American guy would'nt love to throw her on the kitchen counter and ride her till she screams YUMMO!!!

In July, Becks and Posh asked us to Be Rachael Ray for A Day by showing off the best of our local dining on a budget of just US $40 a day. Despite tooth gnashing by some bloggers, the round-up seemed to turn out quite nicely with participants from all over the globe showing how they could dine, with or without the perky.

I was surprised to learn that 30 Minute Meals began as a cooking class in a grocery store where Rachael was a food buyer and store manager.

More from the New York Times: Next week, she will introduce her 11th book, "365: No Repeats," which takes the 30-minute concept and offers a different dish for each day of the year. "That was the stupidest idea I ever had," Ms. Ray said. "That many recipes nearly killed me."
Within a couple of weeks, she will start selling her own extra virgin olive oil, which she calls E.V.O.O. on her shows.

And the Times tells us Rachael is slated for a talk show next fall... ugh. There I must draw the line. Rachael is good at what she does but she should stick to food. Perhaps there will emerge a new drinking game surrounding the talk show. Remind me to invest in Smirnoff and Hazelden.

And by the way, thank you to the person who found my blog by googling "babe of the week". I needed that.


Karan said...

I like her...she's good for kitchen dorks like me...but the truth is that the only Rachael Ray thing I've done in my kitchen was to start using a garbage bowl.

LisaSD said...

Must be Rachael in the air...I've had a couple of posts about her lately too...her magazine is okaaaay...I was hoping to be bowled over by it. I canNOT watch her...she really annoys me...but some of her recipes are good.

FoodNinja said...

this is too wierd I just did a rachael post a bit ago.. I think she is cool and has some of the dork like prep tendencies that I have as well.

Beth Danae said...

i like her too..