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Monday, May 23, 2005

Strange Dreams, Indeed

Dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. Things that we wouldn't normally think of like: spaghetti grows on trees, or, that little puddle at the end of my driveway is actually deep enough to swallow my car. I seem to remember a lot of dreams and usually they are quite a source of amusement for me and anyone I tell about them. I don't usually try to interpret my dreams because, although quite enlightening, dream interpretation can be quite time-consuming and frankly, I'd rather spend my time on other, more important things like blogging.

This morning I was dreaming about a friend who currently lives in another state. I dreamt that he had moved to Washington D.C. and was calling to invite Mr G. and me out to dinner at a restaurant. Now, just to clarify, this is a man who I've known on messenger for years and heard him on voice-chat but never spoken to him on the phone. He's originally from Scotland so I doubt he would have the 'midwest' accent I heard in my dream.

Anyway, the friend said the restaurant was "impossible to get into". This is not something I can picture my friend saying in real life, nor being at all interested in. It reminds me of Cary Grant in the movie Bringing Up Baby where he's racing around in Susan's frilly bathrobe, gets caught by Aunt Elizabeth who asks him what he's doing in it, to which he replies, "I just turned GAY all of a sudden!" but I digress. In the dream, our phone conversation turned from directions to the restaurant to his telling me about a house that he was thinking of buying and then the dream turned quite sour and I was glad to wake up. Is it a nightmare if you have it in the morning?


flerdle said...

But spaghetti DOES grow on trees... see this 1957 BBC documentary (NB link is a RealAudio file)

Anonymous said...

(actually that link is video+audio, but it's a bit hard to see)

Grommie said...

LMAO!! I seem to now recall seeing that somewhere before. Thanks for sharing Flerdl.