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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


WARNINIG: I do not recommend eating while reading the following.

I was happily reading along on one blog and came to this entry. If you don't feel like reading it (or I messed up and the link doesn't work) here is the jist of it: some hack company, namely the Journal of the American Medical Association has decided that episiotomies are bad. The owner of the previous blog agrees. I heartily disagree due to complications from my own birthing experience and I commented publicly on the bookofjoe site to that effect.

Here's the rub: he deleted my comments. Now, what I said simply disagreed with his view. I gave my reasons for disagreeing and they were poignant but concise. There was nothing particularly gory in my comments nor anything resembling spam. I know that his blog is his and he can post or not post anything he wants I just felt it was a little rude for him to simply delete it. I would have understood if he had emailed me and said, "look, what you said was too graphic for my site" or "your spelling was atrocious and I simply can't stand to look at it" or "my finger slipped". Nothing of the sort occured.

My only recourse: say it on my own blog.

I disagree with your view and you can't stop me.

You may now resume your breakfasting.

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