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Thursday, May 12, 2005


I am a Pastry Chef and my main function at work is as a cake decorator. I'm a better cake decorator at work than at home. I guess I must get nervous about making everything perfect when I make a cake for someone I know, whereas making a cake for a faceless customer seems slightly less stressful.

I have volunteered to help out with the Spring fund raiser at my daughter's school this weekend, including donating cakes for the cake walk and bake sale. I thought ahead and tried to accomodate the procrastinator in me and ordered 3 cakes from work and planned to make at least 2 cakes at home. When I told the committee that I would be bringing 5 or 6 cakes (which doesn't sound like all that much to someone who decorates cakes every day) they gushed like the winner of a new car on The Price is Right.

I'm not sure how this has happened, but I have already baked the cakes and made the fruit fillings: lemon curd and black raspberry. I'll try to make the icing tonight. I got the recipe from a guy at work and haven't tried it out yet. I'm crossing my fingers that it's as easy as he says it is. Then I'll only need to throw the cakes together Friday night and make room in the fridge for them until early Saturday morning. I'm hoping for minimal kitchen disaster, but I'll take some pictures if anything blows up.

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