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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Season is Passed

Next week I'll need to find a new hobby since all of my TV Serii had their season finales this week: Gilmore Girls, Smallville, the piece-of-crap mini-series: Revelations, Survivor and The Apprentice. Last week saw the end of Amazing Race and something else which I forget already. This coming Monday is the season finale of Medium. That should be good but I've been having trouble staying up to watch it. NBC need to put it in a better time slot next season. If someone can set that up for me, that'd be great, thanks.

I won't do any spoilers on any of the shows, simply because I'm too lazy to research the facts, even though I watched every minute. I will say this, Survivor is a show I had never watched before this season. People I work with watch it and roped me into it, now I CAN'T WAIT for Survivor: Guatemala. I'm such a lemming.

I'll miss Coby.

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