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Monday, December 26, 2005

We Love To Hate -- Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee

Ooh such a novel idea but what a bumble-head for a host! Though she attended University of Wisconsin, we Wisconsinites refuse to recognize her as one of ours.

I have seen her show a few times and am less impressed with each visit. She touts herself as a caterer and party planner. She is neither and never been. She has been a shill for QVC.

A recipe from her website:
Pink Linen Dusting Powder
10 Wonka™ red PixyStix® candy powder straws,NestlĂ©'s®2 tbsp powdered sugar, C&H®
Prep time: 5 minutes
PREPARATION:Empty Pixy Stix® into a bowl.
Add powdered sugar and mix.
Using a fine mesh sieve, sift mixture into another bowl.
Repeat until mix is well combined and dusting powder is even in color.
Apply powder to yourself and the bed sheets with a new makeup brush or power puff. Enjoy!

I'll bet Sandra has ant infestations in her bedroom if she's dusting with PixyStix.

Now that it's holiday time, they have her looking especially sexed-up. Did you see the personalities get together for a holiday special? Bobby Flay actually rolled his eyes when he saw Sandra Lee walk in the room! He knows she has no talent, no skill in the kitchen. He couldn't even hide it for filming the show.

Wikipedia says, Critics are concerned with the abundance of alcohol used on the program. (In 2004, the show began including a regular segment titled "Sandra's Cocktail Time", and frequently showcases drinks with a high alcohol content.)

On eGullet
Soba: Sandra, fwiw, fills a niche: she fulfills the need for people to see how truly abysmal her brand of "cooking" is, so that when they experience the real thing, they'll flee for the hills and never ever look back.
lyz2814: -She decorated a store bought cake with canned frosting and CORN NUTS!

The tag line of her website says, Semi-homemade 70% premade, 30% fresh. Sandra is 100% grade-A ham.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought of it as drinking with Sandra Lee. Does anyone else notice she always has a cocktail for the party?!


Bad Bunni said...

corn nuts?

Grommie said...

CornNuts are yummy but I certainly wouldn't want them on a cake.
P.S. I broke a tooth on CornNuts once and never forgave them.

Randi said...


chronicler said...

grommie ove to my place and click on the link. You'll laugh til you cry!

chronicler said...

That's supposed to be go over to my place! My cat's helping me type today!

Multiplayer Poker said...

I do not doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I just turned on the food network and there's Sandra, dressed all in red, with her red and white kitchen, her red and white dishes and her red and white food. My God, it's like Martha Steward went trailer park. Oh, and now the drinking begins. Can't wait to see the beautiful 'tablescape'. What a surprise: it's red and white! Who actually thinks this crap is any good?