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Monday, December 19, 2005

It's The Holiday Season So Hoopdee Doo And Dickery Dock

I got my Christmas shopping done... finally! So now I can get back to blogging.

First, I need the thank Templar of Food Ninja for the great BBM3 package.

I enjoyed this exchange so much I may be tempted to stick my toe in the Blog By Mail pool one more time.

Templar's package was thrilling, I must say. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland with all of the eat me, drink me instructions. The envelope on the outside of the shipping tube instructed me to open it first. In the envelope was a Canada Safeway grocery receipt (all veggies Templar... what gives?) with a note on the back telling me where to find my next clue which happened to be hidden in the archives of his blog.
Templar's instructions for opening the shipping tube:
1 Peel back the tape till you find the string with the black ends.
2 now sitting on the floor or in your favorite chair place the tube between your knees
3 grab the string closest to you left knee with your right hand
4 grab the string closest to right knee with your with your left hand
5 pull towards the middle..
I was really hoping line 6 was not something along the lines of kiss your @ss goodbye. And it wasn't!

Here is a list of all the great stuff in the tube sent by Templar:
Coffee Crisp candies (a bit similar to the texture of Kit Kat)
Homemade oatmeal cookies (these were nearly gone before I even tasted them. Delicious!)
Cheezies (super funky cheese aroma but they tasted really good)
Butter Rum Life Savers (I haven't had Life Savers in a very long time so this was a fabulous treat)
A snowman ornament for the Christmas tree (cute! I have been eyeing those too.)
Store fliers from Templar's area (I wish my groceries were that inexpensive!)
The shipping tube also had a couple of recipes written by Templar

Second, I need to thank Rachel via The Amateur Gourmet Secret Santa cookbook exchange for sending Alton.

Is Alton beginning to look like Elton?

Anyway... thank you, thank you to the generous Templar and Rachel.

...And don't forget to hang up your sock

1 comment:

Mona said...

Wow your package looks awesome. And it does look like a trip to Alice in Wonderland :)
Ha elton or alton, can't tell who I'm looking at anymore.