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Monday, January 02, 2006

Flavored Lip Balm

Remember Bonne Bell lip balms? All your favorite flavors could be held in a little tube and you could have a taste without actually getting Mom's evil stare for having candy or soda.

The idea has resurfaced in a big way. Made by Lotta Luv but don't expect to be able to order from the Lotta Luv website. The newest of these flavors can be purchased at various online shopping sites, eBay or eBay Canada in flavors like Cinnabon,Kellogg's Froot Loops Hostess Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs. Slightly more frightening flavors like original Potato Chip, BBQ Potato Chip or Sour Cream & Onion Chip.

None of those can top

Cheetos lip balm scalped from Foodgoat
Is it neon orange like real Cheetos? Will it turn your lips that lovely shade? I'm a big fan of Cheetos snacks and I'm pretty sure that if I applied Cheetos flavored lip balm I would feel compelled to actually eat Cheetos. In light of my New Year's resolve to eat healthier perhaps I should skip this calorie-free taste sensation.


Anonymous said...

I loved my bonnie bell bubblegum lip smacker!

Anonymous said...

I have a cheese fetish.