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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Movie and Wine Tasting -- Alamos Malbec with Topkapi

The kiddies are tucked safely into their beds the younger on her face with her arm wrapped around a stuffed horse her same size and the older under a mountain of blankets with just her nose peeking out. Mr.G and I finally have time to watch a movie and enjoy each other's company.

Saturday was the end of one heck of a week for both of us and we decided we needed some down-time together. The perfect opportunity for a bottle of wine and a good old movie.

I asked the guy at the wine store for a wine to "just drink with a movie and possibly some cheese and crackers".

Alamos Malbec was his suggestion. I'm usually pretty leery of wine costing less than $25 and my skeptisism must have shown on my face because he assured me that the wine was better than the $10 price indicated.

The wine guy described it as: full fruit beginning, a rich body and nice oaky finish. Wine Advocate describes it as aromatically displaying lively red as well as black fruits, the medium-bodied 2004 Malbec exhibits lovely breadth in its cherry-packed personality. Expressive, fresh and satin-textured, it reveals a structured tannin-filled finish. This excellent value should be drunk over the next 2 - 3 years. Score: 87. (87 out of 100) I'm not fluent in wine taster-ese but this was a pretty good wine in my opinion.

The movie this time around was Topkapi from 1964. Mr.G enjoys introducing me to lots of classic movies and movies he feels are important to have seen at least once. Amazon describes: A small-time con-man with passport problems gets mixed up with a gang of world-class jewelry thieves plotting to rob the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. Turkish intelligence, suspecting arms smuggling, gets involved, and under pressure the con-man rises to heights he'd never dreamed of. The con-man is played by Peter Ustinov and the role won him an Academy Award.

This was quite a fun movie despite Elizabeth Lipp giving me the creeps from her first moment on screen.

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Mona said...

THanks for the suggestion. In my netflix I'm trying to get more classics myself. Just finished with a whole slew of Woody Allen ones. Have you seen any of his?