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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lemming Tell You Something About Food

I don't know who David Lebovitz is, other than a guy who wrote a chocolate book and blogs about food. From what I can gather (in the amount of time I have spent reading blogs the last few weeks, which is very little time, actually), he's a generous sort of guy and friendly with The Amateur Gourmet.

So, why am I writing about someone I know very little about? Because he put one of those fun listy things on his blog and invited me (well, not just me, but anybody who was reading) to make one of my own listy things and it looked like fun.

Mr. Lebovitz (because I doubt we're on a first-name basis, seeing as how we haven't been properly introduced) called his fun listy thing:

Culinary Confessions

I smell everything before I eat it.

I slurp my soup and scrape my teeth on my fork.

I have a peanut sensitivity but sometimes I eat peanut butter anyway because I love it sooooo much.

If no one is looking, I lick my dessert plate.

I use the same coffee spoon every day for a week, without washing it.

I have eaten the same thing for breakfast nearly every day for 3 years.

I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for over 15 years, which caused me to develop a peanut senisitivity.

I have an unopened box of graham crackers in my cupboard with an expiration date of March 2004, and I refuse to throw it away.

I work in a restaurant surrounded by other people every day but I feel claustrophobic if anyone else is in my kitchen with me at home.

I watch contestants starving on Survivor while I have a glass of wine, crackers and cheese.

I think it's hysterical when people make up food allergies to avoid eating something they don't like. (Some day I'm going to have a 'tap water' allergy.)

If I convince myself that a cookie is healthy, I'll eat it before breakfast.

I like my cookies a little burned.

I often replace salted butter for unsalted butter in recipes because I like salty and sweet together (I'll usually take out any additional salt called for in the recipe, though).

I've eaten fish I knew was bad and I didn't get sick.

Active yeast scares me.

I'm a food segregator (I don't allow different foods on my plate to touch) and my favorite plates are the ones with compartments.

I drink instant coffee.

So there is my fun listy thing. Now it's your turn.
And just so you're aware, due to the amount of comment spam I have been receiving, you must now copy those weird stretchy letters that never actually spell anything into the little box before your comments will be accepted. I know, I hate those things too but I also hate getting all the messages about the best car insurance out there. I hope that this doesn't keep my pals from commenting, just the spam scum.

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FoodNinja said...

I lick my dessert plate too... shhhhh