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Monday, October 03, 2005

Blogging By Mail2

Samantha of The Samantha Files came up with a great way for bloggers to get to know each other: Blogging By Mail. The idea is that bloggers from all over (meaning, the world) express interest in sending packages of food items specifically from the area they reside or homebaked items that would travel well and keep fresh long enough to endure shipment along with some background information (recipes, or where sent items came from)... i.e. blogging by mail.

I received my Blogging By Mail package today from Lulu of Lulu Loves Manhattan.

The items didn't travel well in the FedEx bag. Marzipan cookies became crumbs and the raisin hazelnut flute bread was quite dry and unappealing by the time it arrived. Lulu's items came from Le Pain Quotidien bakery in Manhattan. Lulu didn't say whether this is a bakery she frequents or if this was simply a passing fancy.

Hopefully, Lulu will check in and let us know some background info on the items she sent.
Thanks, Lulu!


Anonymous said...

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Lulu said...

hi there,
i'm really sorry about that. i even marked it specially for saturday delivery on fedex but they seem to have messed up. oh well - hope you can enjoy the crumbs. at least you got something - i haven't recd anything.
le pain quotidien is one of my favourite places and i get soup and bread from them almost every day. when i am in an indulgent mood, i treat myself to the raisin hazelnut bread sometimes and cookies at other times.

joey said...

Hi there Grommie! :) I love Le Pain Quotidien's a great place but unfortunately oceans away from me...

Anonymous said...

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