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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You Say Potato, I Say Ebay!

Did you ever find a weird looking potato? MrG told me the story of a potato that was found at his frat house in college. It had eyes (of course), a nose and he says hanging from the back, it had, er... how to put it delicately? Rhymes with mingleberries. I'm pretty sure he also told me his buddies kept it around for a long time and named it or something odd that frat boys do... I truly didn't want to know, after a certain point in the story.

I am continually fascinated by what people will try to sell on Ebay. Ebay has not let me down thus far and I thought I would share (since I can't seem to think of anything else to write about today). A new potato shaped like a heart. Now that's love!

Not to be out done, a Russet to show your love in another variety, perhaps?

Then there is one I doubt I would eat and (at least to me... I know there are others who would disagree so I won't be judgmental) it doesn't exactly conjure a feeling of "Be Mine", it's shaped like a butt. Funny, the term butt potato never brought a picture of this to mind.

Would a vegan eat a potato shaped like a duck?
The devil potato chip made me ask that question.


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chronicler said...

I posted a couple of months ago about potato love. I too received a heart shape of potatoes from the market. Must be a run on potato love now days!