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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Via MrG, a few gift items you may want to think about from Archie McPhee Toys. Archie has tons of funny stuff. Here are a few foody items:

Air fresheners with the look and smell of bacon or t-bone steak. Sadly we're told the sushi air freshener has a fresh clean scent.

Bacon gift wrap with bacon decorative tape, of course.

A fun toy for the baby?

When it's time to remodel the upstairs bath, be sure all your accessories are meatified.
shower curtain
shower cap
bath mat

Nutritious gummy breakfast and heavenly bible gum.

Dieter would approve.

Know a chef who has every kitchen gadget? Bet they don't have this one. Pizza cutter and bottle opener all in one handy cowboy boot.

Though not necessarily food related, Tub O' Flying Cats; and you've heard the youngsters' saying, "Your breath smells like @ss!" and now you can say it right back to them with this.

MrG: I want this bag.


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Poppy Cede said...

I gave my friend the steak air freshener for his 30th birthday! He loved it. :)

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