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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Confession of a Peachy Variety

I enjoy blogging about food. Food is something that I know and enjoy. I don't think I'm adept at getting my thoughts down in a proper manner to keep some readers interested, but I have readers (that's you) and that's what really matters in the end. This enjoyment of the blogging experience (and my drive to achieve something close to recipe perfection) leads me to confess that I have made a mistake in a recipe I listed some time ago.

My listing of the recipe for Peach Pie Filling seriously underestimated the amount of peaches needed, not only to properly fill a pie, but also to balance the flavor of the spices in the recipe.

You may be wondering how I made this mistake and how I discovered it a full month after posting. Let's begin with how the mistake was made in the first place. Quite simply, I used a recipe and changed it, that's how it got messed up. The original recipe is written for professional chefs and since I realize many of my readers are not professional chefs, I attempted to simplify the recipe by changing the amount of peaches in weight to a number of peaches to use in the recipe. Let me assure you that weighing a whole peach is not equivalent to weighing slices of peach that have been peeled and cut from the pit.

So, how did I ultimately discover that I had made this mistake? I followed my own recipe as it was posted and this was the result:

The lighter jar is from the first batch that I made and was keeping in the freezer. Even though the glass is frosted, it's pretty obvious this is not the same result.

So along with my confession, I will go back to the original post and change the recipe back to a measure of weight.

One day I will learn not to change recipes on a whim... one day.


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Karan said...

Heya Grommie forget this little boo boo and check this out:

Grommie said...

Karan -- are you trying to get me closer to the left coast or what? hehe

When I went to the address Karan posted, I saw this quote (or ad?) The giraffe you thought you offended last week is willing to be nuzzled today. I'm beginning to freak out over the giraffe references I've been seeing of late. Are the giraffes plotting a coup?

Karan said...

Maybe the giraffe is your spirit guide? And...yes, I am trying to get you to the wild west. :)

kalisekj said...

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