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Thursday, September 15, 2005

What Does It Mean?

How does one interpret a dream? There are books, there are sites on the Net, there are psychics you can telephone and ask but how do we know this is the correct interpretation, really?

What does it mean when you dream your husband was living in an apartment in New York City with Brad Pitt and they were sleeping in the same bed in the living room?

What does it mean when your dear husband asks you and the kids to move in there and then leaves you alone with stinky Brad Pitt who tries to get you to sleep in the bed with him?

What does it mean when, despite Brad's advances, you agree to live there and begin to have a look at the place?

What does it mean when, as you're looking at the place you find there are a large number of rooms with none suitable for a child's bedroom? Room after room of kitchenettes, offices and tiny, dirty bathrooms?

What does it mean when the room you think might be suitable for your own bedroom has a clothes closet that makes you say, "WOW... now this I could like!" only to find out that your apartment is actually connected to a clothing store that you have walked in to?

What does it mean when you're told this apartment has been adjoined with a mobile home to increase the space and when you've wandered into the trailer portion, you find you're now in the woods instead of New York City?

What does it mean?

Maybe it means I need to quit eating those peanut butter and artichoke sandwiches right before bed.


Alicat said...

Haha. Yeah I've had a few dandy's lately too. Last night was this dream where I was going to have to ninja fight someone else to the instead of fighting (I knew I couldn't win) I layed face down in a pool and held my breath a really long time so everyone would think I was dead. Wtf eh? :)

Karan said...

asked and answered