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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Green Things

I have an extremely limited knowledge of growing things; specifically, plant life (although my growing child is always a source of head-scratching as well). I know what I know by growing various things with (but more often: without) success in my yard, the house, the cracks in the driveway. So you might imagine my surprise when, by odd chance I should find a very vigorous looking plant growing from behind the bushes next to my house.

This vigorous plant at first sight was not at all familiar to me. I'm pretty aware of the weeds that prefer to grow in my yard and this odd looking thing was not one of those weeds. Upon closer inspection I realized that the vine I saw growing there was from one of the stray pumpkin seeds left after last Halloween.

I won't kid you and say that I'm a perfect Jack-o-lantern picker-upper. I will admit to seeing many a pumpkin molder before scooping it up with a shovel and carefully placing it in a yard waste recycling bag (please don't yell at me about composting... I simply haven't the patience for such an endevor, at least not yet). However, in my own defense last year's post Halloween clean-up was quite swift for a change.

Except for one un-carved pumpkin.

I knew from past experience that an un-carved pumpkin would stay fresh much longer than one whose insides are exposed to the air so, I left it on the front step after Halloween. Were you aware that grey squirrels will eat pumpkin? I am now! First one nibble. Then two. Then the major part of the pumpkin was skinless. Then they started eating the fleshier parts of the pumpkin and then... it snowed... a LOT.

Rather than attempting to dig the remaining fragments of pumpkin out of the snow, they were shovelled with the snow next to the front step behind the bushes.

Spring arrives and your dear homeowner has long since forgotten about said pumpkin fragments until the first odd green thing appears from behind the bushes. Dear Homeowner was curious about this tiny pumpkin vine growing from behind the bushes, in a very nice spot, actually. Next to the sidewalk near a bare area where we had recently removed a large evergreen tree.

My husband was quite concerned and felt that I should research growing pumpkins before I allowed this thing to 'possibly ruin the soil'. Okay, good point. I did my research and found that it would not be detrimental to the soil but it could... could I said... did you hear that? It could reach a length of 30 feet. 30 feet is a lot but I have a big bare area here... I'll simply wind it around a bit... it should be a perfect fit. Besides, I'll bet 30 feet is for expert gardeners... not ones who let a single errant seed grow from behind the bushes in less than perfect conditions.

See? Isn't it sweet? And look at all the room it will have to the right!!

That was the end of June.

This is now.

If this is how much the thing has grown in just a month and a half... HOW BIG is it going to be by the end of October???

All my husband can say is... "I told you so."


Cathy said...

Sort of Audreyesque! Should be fun come Halloween, and think of all those pies, and muffins, and breads...

kalisekj said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.