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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Wild One At It Again

I had a little chat with CheesePuff's teacher recently and it went something like this...

T: She has been awfully naughty.
me: Oh? (bracing myself for the impact)
T: She told me she had a headache and asked if she could see the school nurse.
me: ...
T: When I told her she could, she jumped out of her seat, yelled, "YEAH!" and danced out of the room.
me: *snirt* ahem. I'll talk to her about that 'truth' thing.

School is almost out. I'll give a little "yeah" myself. I have been warned all year that my dear Sweetums acts quite immature and to expect that she won't be passing the First grade. I found it quite difficult to expect her to do homework some nights when we had other appointments and things when I knew it mostly didn't matter. I know that's a terrible example to set for my child so I made her muddle through all the homework anyway. It wouldn't be so awful to make HER muddle through the homework, except that I have to muddle through it also. I'm pretty sure I went through all this once a long time ago... why do I have to learn this all AGAIN?!? Oops... that's right I'm teaching my child to be a better student than I was, right.

The school sent home a book to help her get ready for Grade 2. The school sent home a flyer about the library's summer reading program. It's summer. She's supposed to run and play OUTSIDE. Aren't schools getting the message that kids are too fat today from not getting enough exercise? Now they're supposed to spend beautiful summer days reading?
What? Rain days? Oh. Nevermind.

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