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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ready For Vacation

A friend emailed *waves to BadSam* and wrote about a camping trip he took over the weekend. I'm not a big camper myself, in fact, I haven't been camping nor had any desire to camp for years. That said, I suddenly have a desire to go river rafting (even better if it included rock climbing). I have never been river rafting OR rock climbing and am not in physical shape to do either. My excuse for not being in shape is that I have a herniated disc in my neck which left me nearly incapacitated last winter. I'm feeling a lot better now thanks to my chiropractor, who I'm sure would advise me NOT to go rock climbing, much less bouncing around river rapids for a week.

I still want to.

I'm no longer restricted against exercise. I'm also not restricted against the ice cream in my freezer. Most days the ice cream wins the battle for my affection. If I had a goal... a reason to exercise (other than feeling and looking better, which we all know is no incentive to begin an exercise program) maybe it would be easier to get out of bed an hour early.

Since MrG is not a camper and I suspect would not enjoy a trip through Grand Canyon rapids, maybe my adventurous in-laws would go with me. Rick? Robin? Hmm? This isn't the type of trip I'd want to take alone; and CheesePuff, though a wild thing, isn't old enough for something like this and by the time she would be, I'd probably be too old.

It's settled then. I'm going to get in shape and attempt to drag my in-laws on a trip with me that in reality, I probably don't want to take! LOL

Here's another place I'd love to visit:

Mesa Verde in Colorado. I'm completely fascinated by these cliff dwellings and the people who seem to have left them so abruptly. But this may be a blog for another day.

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Karan said...

I want to go there too!