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Friday, June 10, 2005

My Bad

A few folks showed up and said they were here for an intervention.

They felt I was ruining my life with a terrible drug. One that seemed innocent enough (even given to children on occasion) but was highly addictive for me. They informed me that my bank account was in serious danger, my family relationships were beginning to suffer and my job may be next if I didn't quit immediately.

I know better! I'm just fine. I can stop any time I want. My family is NOT suffering... look at them. Standing there with spoons as if I owed it to them! Who do they think they're kidding?? They just got this bunch of bullies together to harrass me so they can take away my stash. Well they can forget it!

I don't see this as a problem... what do YOU think?


briank said...

Obviously it's your HUSBAND who needs the B&J pintlock, not YOU.


Grommie said...

I think you're right, Brian.