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Friday, May 12, 2006

Ready For A Good Long Nap

Flower Pot Detail
Originally uploaded by Grommie CheeseBabe.
You wanted to know what's been keeping me away from my dear Bloggity? These little darlings. I'm decorating Flower Pot Cakes in my sleep these days. What little sleep there is. Once Mother's Day decorating is over, I'll be glad to not see another Flower Pot Cake for a whole year!

You can check out more cakes via Flickr.


Karan said...

Very cute!

Grommie said...

Thanks Karan!
Despite my lack of enthusiasm over them at the moment of the post, these cakes did grow on me. And the best part was, the more of them I made the faster I got at decorating them. By the end of the day Saturday I could whip one out from start to finish in under 15 minutes.

chronicler said...

That is incredible Grommie! I can't imagine doing that many cakes in a weeks time! We're a two man operation though. Baking, orders, decorating, dishes, trash, etc. Someday we'll be able to hire someone!