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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time To Get Back In The Swing With USNA Cake Pictures

My blog posts are seriously lacking these days, I know. I have potential entries stacked up like cord wood and it's getting on my nerves. So let's start with picture time.

The workload at the bakery has been ridiculous. I don't think we've had a single weekend that wasn't busy since maybe the second week of January. This month, for example we've had large parties for the Kentucky Derby, then was Mother's Day, then Preakness. This past week we had a Navy picnic which required a 4,000 cookie order and then Naval Academy graduations. As a side note may I just say to everyone who traveled to Annapolis for USNA graduations, we're glad to have you but please DO NOT stop on the route 50 bridge to look at the Blue Angels as they fly over. Our traffic congestion is bad enough without you stopping in the middle of the highway to gape at the airplanes. Please have courtesy enough to pull part-way onto the shoulder of the road like the police do. That way, only one lane of traffic has to slow to a crawl. Thank you for your consideration.

I recall last years' attempt at recreating the Naval Academy seal cost me 3 hours of worktime for one cake. This year my USNA cake took 25 minutes from start to finish. That's some improvement! I think the result of this years' decoration is just as good as last year, if not better. Judge for yourself.


chronicler said...

Fantastic progress! Last year's was great and this year it shows your improvement. Thanks for shwoing it off!

Grommie said...

Thanks so much Chronicler. I always appreciate you stopping by to say hello. :D