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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vibrant Veggies

I'm trying to find the ambition to clear space to grow a garden. Maybe these will help.

Carrot Kaleidoscope

Cucumber Lemon

Sweet Pepper Chocolate Belle Hybrid

Eggplant Crescent Moon Hybrid

I would also like to grow one of these, but I may lack the technology.

Square watermelon

Now tell me, would this or would it not be the perfect thing for me and my Halloween obsession?


Karan said...

with the exception of the square watermelons, all are perfect examples of genetic engineering!

Grommie said...

See? Not all mutants are a bad thing.

Mona said...

Ha, that is crazy! I love those pix, especially the watermelon.

chronicler said...

Wonderful choices! I love the look of the eggplant!