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Monday, February 13, 2006


This little baby was my saving grace yesterday.

We were one of the thousands without power when this storm hit. We live in an older neighborhood and while the gigantic oak and holly trees are beautiful, they are not used to holding heavy snow and I'm pretty sure they try to head directly for the power lines when they fall. Fortunately we were able to sleep through part of the outage. Unfortunately it was the warm part. Our home is not well insulated and by the time the power was restored 13 hours later, it was quite chilly inside the house.

I am thankful we have a gas stove that only requires a beginning light when power is out and even more thankful for a gas water heater.

I am also thankful that the large tree branches that fell around our home didn't fall directly onto it. Our house needs a bit of fixing but I don't wish to have any ready-made sky lights.

This belongs up there.

Hong Kong has Disney biscuits? I want that!


Karan said...

I just love that ingenuitea gizmo. I am entertained by it way beyond normal. I've had a cup of tea just to see it work again. I know I need therapy.

Grommie said...

Yes Karan and your enthusiasm for this gadget is what made me get one in the first place.

I blame you entirely.


chronicler said...

Holy moly! Thank goodness you had that little gizmo! Hope all is well now!

katertot said...

OMG! I to lived through THE storm in MD too- though we only lost power for 4-5 hours! My hubbie and I used to live in Eastport and have since moved to the "other side" of the bridge. Totally miss Annap though! Great to find another AG fan in MD!