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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ebay Jesus Pancake

Have you heard about the Jesus Pancake for sale on Ebay? Apparently someone cooked up a flapjack touched by the hand of God. Then someone else's pancake was touched by the hand of God, then another and another!

Starting Bid = $100.00

Blueberry Starting Bid = $9.99 ($10 shipping)

Jesus on one side, Mary on reverse.
Buy It Now Price = $10,000

Or just buy the mix. The seller says it's been blessed by Saint Jemima.
Starting Bid = $0.99

My personal favorite making a come-back on Ebay

Spooky Toast Images

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Australian Jesus Toast

Most Convincing

1 comment:

chronicler said...

You, are too funny! I love this. I am still laughing. Most convincing. Heh!