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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sculpted Camera Cake

It's not a gory severed head, which I know would make you smile. It is an opportunity to learn. Yaaaay learning!!


It looks complicated but it's the details that make it.
(...and that's what you want to accomplish. It should look difficult and amazing without causing you a coronary in the process.)

You can see that it is two simple layers of cake inside. If I were making this cake I would not use cream cheese icing, which is standard with Red Velvet. I would use a sweet, shortening-based icing (like the recipe from Wilton or the white 'bucket' Buttercream icing that bakeries use) which will do two things: 1) it will allow the fondant to stick to the icing; and 2) it will allow the cake to sit at room temperature without making the fondant buckle or sag.

The icing layer is thin so it doesn't add a lot of moisture to the fondant, which will cause tearing or bubbles.

The fondant can be tinted gray and then dry-brush a pearl powder at the end to achieve a sheen.
Writing and other small details can be made with royal icing or the same Buttercream you used in the cake. Both the Wilton icing and the bucket icing will air dry without affecting the fondant, much.

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