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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alien Cakes

What's cooler than being infected by an alien and having the alien decide it's done with you and come bursting out of your guts? A cake depicting the event and having all your friends eat it.

Gross Alien cakes brought to you by LA Weekly.

The cake above in my opinion (and mine is the only opinion that counts until you leave a comment telling me what a moron I am) is the the finest of all the examples (and not just because it's covered in fondant, although that helps it to look smoother and more professional). Enough actual cake to feed the hungry crowd with plenty of gore to set the proper mood. Other cakes in the set had amazing ideas but the composition of it was off... too much slime, too much gore, not enough cake. The gore-to-cake ratio depends on you and your guests, of course but my personal taste (you may be surprised to know!) leans toward more edible cake. Gore is awesome but I want people to actually eat it once I've made it.

(Geez I hope that last comment doesn't bring a bunch of Al Gore Googlrs in here... won't THEY be surprised???)

1 comment:

Sher said...

That is just about the coolest cake I've ever seen!! You rock, grommiehottietwin!! xoxo