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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly -- A New Beginning

Sometimes, change is good. Like, when I changed over to a Gluten-Free lifestyle and my belly didn't hurt EVERY day. I still make some mistakes in the Gluten-Free realm, but it's getting easier and I'm having fewer cravings, which makes me happy. I am sad that so many fun and creepy candies have Gluten because I really did enjoy buying all that candy and writing about it.

One drawback about being an artistic Pisces is, I get bored easily. Usually mid-way through a project I decide it's not fun any longer and tend to just drop it thinking, "Oh, I'll come right back to this in a day or two." That two days often becomes a year without my noticing.

So, bet you're wondering where my artistic head is off to now... huh? It's like watching a train wreck. You know something is going to happen that you probably don't want to see but you can't look away and then your dumb little brother comes along and changes the channel to watch sports before you actually get to the good and gory part!

I AM an unusual girl. How's that for a segue?

I love cakes. Baking cakes, creating new recipes, decorating cakes, going to cake shows and trying to figure out how the heck some people can make all those beautiful, amazing works of art that no one will ever eat.

I love scary stuff. Halloween, monsters, scary movies. I bet you didn't know I had my Halloween costume picked out in March. I decorate my yard and enjoy going to haunted houses (I even live in a real haunted house, but shhhh... that's our secret. We don't want any ghost hunters in here tearing up the place looking for ectoplasm).

After some heavy thinking, I've decided to marry these two crazy kids: Cakes and Creeps and see if I can't just make something I really enjoy and maybe you'll like it too. (Like the train wreck you got to see over and over because you hit the TiVo before your brother grabbed the remote.)

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karan said...

Welcome Back! I'm looking forward to Cakes and Creeps!!