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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cheese Curds. Yes, again

where cheese curds come from

I realized after re-reading my post, Curds are King in July I didn't actually tell you where to get the best cheese curds. They can be found at the Ellsworth, Wisconsin Co-op Creamery. If you click the link, they have the creamery's history as well as a link to order (they ship anywhere is the US) and a phone number in case you want to call and talk about those chocolate cheese curds they mention on their website. When you call, be sure to listen for the lovely Wisconsin accent, yaa!

As long as we're on the subject of cheese I'll tell you also about Wisconsin Cheese Mart. Go to them for all your other cheese needs. Chocolate cheese (it's becoming a trend!), cheese in the shape of a mug of beer, cheese in the shape of a cow, or if you just can't decide which cheese is best, one of these


The WCM website is packed with cheese info. like, how long your cheeses can be stored, the proper temperature, and what can be done with cheese that has become moldy. WCM also has a wonderful German Foods (Deutches Essen) section: mustards, muesli, cookies, spaetzle. The only thing I might pass up would be the Celery Salad. Product Description: This fine sour salad of Hengstenberg is and easy Snack alternative for in between meals.

That's ok, everyone knows cheese is the only snack alternative that's worth mentioning.

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Daisy said...

Found you at Farmgirl -- I'm a cheesehead and a cheese lover. Last summer bobby Flay came to Green Bay to do a show and was amazed that people "actually eat cheese curds." Huh? They're delicious!

Grommie said...

Hehe Daisy,
Sometimes I wonder if maybe it's to our benefit that cheese curds aren't marketed commercially. You know making them in small quantities keeps the quality at a premium.