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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bacon Chocolate Bar and Bacon Extras

I first heard about bacon infused chocolate at Food Chronicles ~ Back of the House. I was instantly intrigued, as I'm sure you are!

I read more about it here.
Their sentiments are mine exactly: the mad, dangerous, lovely chocolatiers of Vosges Haute Chocolat have seen fit to bestow upon the world a bacon candy bar.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Said bar consists of applewood smoked bacon, alder smoked salt, deep milk chocolate, and the contents of every fever dream I've had since young girlhood.

The Bacon Exotic Candy Bar is currently sold out on the Vosges website, but I, for one fully intend to press my nose up against my monitor until they're back in stock.

That blog also features a few more stories on lovely bacon flavored foods (i.e. bacon cotton candy!) so check them out.

A blog named Holy Shitake has a bacon post that requires mentioning because I have been thinking about this recipe since I first read it two years ago.

Okay well, as long as I'm on a bacon roll, I give you this website. Weird Meat "documents experiences eating strange food, as I travel around the world. What is weird to one, is normal to another. I want to find out why. Includes articles, travel stories, photos." Some highlights from weird meat (and I assure you I found no low lights) include Deep Fried Sand Worms in China and Hermaphrodite Frog Guts (he explains it's like a sweet soup) also in China. There are many more foods and many more countries and just so you know, this blog spurred me to purchase Crocodile Jerky on my recent trip to Florida though I haven't yet been brave enough to try it. True, WeirdMeat Blog doesn't include bacon so what is it doing as part of this post? I have no idea, so there.

I'm a little tired, so sue me.

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Mmmmmm. Bacon.