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Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks For Sharing

My darling cherub known by many as CheesePuff is quite an amazing 6-year-old. Allow me to give just one example...

I was quietly enjoying an entire can a few honey-roasted cashews. Upon hearing the shuffle of nuts, Puff came from another room (a room where the TV is clearly too loud) running like a starved squirrel... if there ever was such a thing. She politely dabs at the drool that has formed on her lower lip and asks if she may have some of my delicious treat. Of course, I tell her since I would never be greedy (what are you giggling at??). I watch closely to be sure that she will only take a few of the glistening, amber nuggets since it is near her bedtime and I wouldn't want her to have a sugar rush before bed.

As soon as she opened the can she sneezed on my cashews... isn't that like some horrible pun? The agony. Oh, the agony.

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