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Monday, April 18, 2005

Makes Landscaping a Breeze

I have a big yard with too many high-maintenance perennials and way too many freaking trees that drop leaves for me to rake.

It seems like Spring and Summer are a never-ending line of weeding and raking. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it but I wish I could get the weeds to stay away a little longer.

Two years ago I started adding landscape plastic to certain areas of the garden beds. I had never been a big fan of plastic over the ground but was feeling mighty desperate against the voracity of the weeds at that time. Cheap mulch was added over top of the plastic to keep it in place and make it look more like a garden and less like a garden with strips of black plastic running through it.

Yesterday I found that the weeds had invaded the mulch on top of the plastic strips and it was quite easy to lift large sections of the weeds to throw in the recycling bag. While this was loads of fun, I now have very little mulch left on the plastic and need to replace it.

For my hard work, I have the honor of only 5 bags for yard-waste recycling and a very pretty crescent moon shaped sunburn on my lower back where my top rode up revealing my pasty-white skin.

I was feeling a bit lazy Saturday and got absolutely nothing done in the yard or inside the house except to fix the drain pipe leading out of the garbage disposal. The connection decided to let loose just as I was sending the remains of CheesePuff's breakfast oatmeal down the disposal. I have no idea why I didn't notice the stream of water pouring out next to my feet, but I didn't until the oatmeal pond had flowed in front of the dishwasher, crossed over in front of the fridge and was heading for the basement door. I will say, I'm thankful it didn't reach under any appliances... I wouldn't want to add moving them to mop underneath to the chaos I was already facing (since CheesePuff chose that moment to come running to the kitchen to see what I was up to).

Kids, husbands, dogs (I don't have a dog, but it sounded good)... they all have spectacular timing don't they? Always coming in the room at the most embarassing time.

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