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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Halloween Stinks

Get in the mood early.

Halloween fragrance by Jesus Del Pozo at

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel at Bath & Body Works

Halloween Bath Set from Colorful

A message to the Googler from Antioch, California...
Gummy Fetus candy? I like your thinnin' Baba Louie but it doesn't seem to have been invented yet. Why? Cuz it's really sick to want to eat a fetus. Even a candy one.
Other baby-theme candies to try:
Baby Bottle Pop
Sugar Babies
Lollipops in the shape of baby feet
Cry Baby gumballs
Gummy Sea Babies
Licorice Babies
Chocolate Babies (sic)
Baby Stick Climbers
and a product I'm not familiar with: Baby Lucas Candy from Mexico in flavors of Mango, Spicy Orange and Chamoy (Isn't that what I dry my car with after a wash?)

I have answered a question about storing Confectioner's Sugar at Ask a Pastry Chef

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chronicler said...

Oh I don't know baby fetuses might just be yummy! ;-)

Good to see you back!